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Get Us Out Of Fearland

by Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches

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Get Us Out Of Fear Land (Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches) Betina Hershey lyrics/melody; Nick Russo: chords/vocal harmony/arrangement/producer Get us out of fear land Lead us through the night Get us out of fear and Take us to the light If we don’t talk about how we feel If we don’t believe this future’s real The hate we’re hearing’s been ‘round too long So if we’re silent, all we are is wrong Get us out of fear land Lead us through the night Get us out of fear and Take us to the light (to A major chord for 8 measures) I may prefer the quite way But now it’s time to disobey And though we’d rather sleep or hide It’s time to stand up at your side Get us out of fear land Lead us through the night Get us out of fear and Take us to the light (to A major chord for 8 measures) If we don’t stand up, and stand up now If we all falter, say we don’t know how If we don’t stand up, hand in hand We’re selling ourselves to the hatred land Get us out of fear land Lead us through the night Get us out of fear and Take us to the light (to A major chord for 8 measure (or longer on cue)) Shake us out of fear land Lead us through this night Wake us out of fear and Take us to the light (to A major chord for 8 measures; (or longer on cue)) CHORUS: Take us to the light Take us to the light
Dandelion 03:30
Park Song 02:26


“Just a few words about Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches, an amazing group which a lot of us dreamed would happen some day where the different genres of music all get together and they all fit together because everybody is great at their genre and also has the ability to be with the other genres in harmony. That’s what they call making music.

“They play up a storm! They are terrific. And anybody could come. This is the kind of thing that you could bring your five-year-old child and your great grandmother and everyone will dig it. Just a joy to hear you, play with you. I recommend everyone come to hear this group wherever they are, and get their CD.”
– David Amram

“Working on this album has been pure joy! I love playing, improvising and creating on all this incredible original music with my “family” of wonderful musicians. From the raw process of recording “Get Us Out Of Fearland” and “Park Song” live in the one-room studio with Betina, Miles and David to layering all the instrumental tracks on “Don’t You Follow Me,” the experience was so fulfilling. My dream is that all people of all races and origins live, play and share all our different world musics and cultures together as one united race, without fear, one day….one love.”

– Nick Russo (Banjo Nickaru)

“Songs are always pouring out of me. Some I catch, and some slip out past my lips and float away. Thanks to everyone who helped these songs linger so beautifully! And thanks to Nick and all of our music mates for adding textures that I hadn’t even imagined!”
– Betina Hershey (Scooch)


released September 7, 2018

Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches


Nick Russo, fretted instruments and more
Betina Hershey, voice, guitar

more Scooches:
Miles Griffith, voice (tracks 1, 3, 10)
David Pleasant, drums/voice (tracks 3, 9)
Emiliano Valerio, tambourine (tracks 1, 6, 7, 9)
Harvey Wirht, drums (tracks 1, 5, 7)
Art Hirahara, organ (track 5)
Kenny Kosek, fiddle (track 6)
Stephanie Rice, voices (track 5)
Charenee Wade, voices (track 5)

Nick Russo, arranger, producer, guitar, 5 string banjo, tenor banjo, resonator, mandolin, electric bass, organ (track 3, intro/verse track 5), Fender Rhodes (track 7), trike ballake, harmonium (track 8), rainstick (track 8), hand claps & foot stomp (track 6),

Len Monachello, co-producer, chief engineer, mixing engineer, organ pedal (track 3)
Recorded at Soundtronics, NYC

Special thanks to Lisa Gary, vocal coach, hand claps (track 6), second set of ears!

Mark Dann, mastering

Cover art and Design by Bryan Murray

Band Photos by Aidan Grant

Additional photos of family members (Opal and son Lowell Hershey, Gerald and baby Betina Hershey, Carol and Susie Clippinger, Miles Griffith family and Nick Russo family) taken by friends and family over the years.

Booklet drawings by Carol Hershey

Nick Russo is endorsed by Roger Borys guitars, Thomastik-Infeld strings and Ome banjos


all rights reserved



Banjo Nickaru New York, New York

NYC based Banjo Nickaru & Western Scooches members have played with the likes of Paul McCartney with performances at Kansas City Folk Festival, 2017 NERFA Semi-Formal showcase, Club Passim, Isis Music Hall, WoodSongs, Blue Plate Special, John Platt's WFUV FM, On Your Radar, Westchester Round Up.
Film appearances: Mona Lisa Smile, Away We Go, Disney's Enchanted & PBS Masterpiece,The Chaperone.
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